PIGMEN PARTY! is the tenth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date April 29th 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 4
Episode No. 10

Deaths Barry

Synopsis Edit

Everyone is running away from the pigmen, and McJones almost dies. There are a huge number of pigmen around. PBG kills another pigmen, and lava charges towards them. Barry and Dean become separated, and Barry fixes it. Jeff gets a fright when he sees the lava. There is a moment of calm, and then another pigman charges, and PBG kills it. When they are heading towards the exit, a blaze starts attacking, and Dean almost dies. There are blazes around too. McJones has very little health left.

They head back along the path of torches they laid, and everyone calms down as they head back towards the portal. Everyone makes it out of the nether. This was the first time Caddy had been in the nether. They all decide to sleep. Professor McJones explains that they need to farm nether wart, but they forgot to get soul sand, so they need to go back!

Dean and Caddy stand in the nether portal, and McJones tells them that they can't stand there because he can't turn the portal on with them in it.

Dean, Barry, and Caddy head back into the nether to get soul sand. Jeff is looking for sand. Caddy continues to breadcrumb, and Barry decides that they should head back to the fortress to find the soul sand. A ghast attacks, and Barry kills it.

Jeff builds a dock for the boats, and he and PBG sail around in the boats. PBG took all the iron that McJones needed, and has to go back. McJones harvests sand, and almost drowns. Jeff and Austin head out, and Austin's boat breaks.

Back in the nether, Barry gets poisoned by a wither skeleton. A baby zombie skeleton charges with a sword and kills Barry. Caddy and Dean start panicing and run. Caddy is almost dead. They didn't get any soul sand or Barry's stuff. "Barry got attacked by a wiggly squiggly!" - Dean

PBG and Jeff enter the nether to help Dean and Caddy. There are pigmen everywhere - and one of them kills itself.

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