ZOMBEES! is the eighth episode in season three of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 10th 2014
Series Minecraft Season 3
Episode No. 8

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

A creeper gets into the house. McJones kills it. Austin and Shane make it back to the house. Austin wants to get an infinity enchantment, because he had one in the last Hardcore series.

The nether portal is ready to go. Jared volunteers to test the nether portal to make sure it is safe. It is safe, but there is soul sand everywhere (makes you move slower). Austin wants to build another nether bridge, and McJones doesn't want to because he always ends up doing it.

Everyone heads off to find a village - Austin immediately falls into a mineshaft. Smooth falls in too. Everyone crosses an ocean, and Austin gets left behind. Once he catches back up, he gets left behind again.

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