KARAOKE! is the seventh episode in season three of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 7th 2014
Series Minecraft Season 3
Episode No. 7

Deaths Jon

Synopsis Edit

Austin, Shane and Jon get lost underground. They try to bail, but Jon looks at another enderman, and there is also a creeper near the exit. An enchantment table is made, and Smooth tries to find Jon's nether house. Jared falls into a ravine. Austin and Jon get lost. Jared and Smooth build a bridge to the nether building.

Smooth makes an enchantment table. Austin wants to make a map, and Jared makes the first "Who needs a map" joke. Austin, Shane and Jon are slowly making their way back home. Shane finds a witch. Austin, Jon and Shane are all being attacked by the witch, skeletons and zombies, and Jon (who is poisoned from the witch) is shot by a skeleton and killed.

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