LAVA HOUSE! is the fourth episode in season 3 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date April 26th 2014
Series Minecraft Season 3
Episode No. 4

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Austin and Shane find chickens and lead them back home. Austin is having trouble leading them back, and accidentally makes a baby. They decide to barricade them in dirt so Austin and Shane can safely get back to the house. Jon decides to make a lava-fountain inside the house. McJones, Dean and Jared instantly show how much they hate this idea. Shane almost jumps into it. Dean removes the cobblestone keeping the lava from spreading. Cue to Austin screaming. McJones starts making a new house, and everyone but Austin and Jon stay.

Jared, Jon and Austin go out at night to fight. Jon fights a creeper. Other team members (Shane and Smooth) come out to help. Dean finds someone elses (McJones'?) mineshaft, and McJones is disappointed by it. Jared, Austin and Jon continue fighting zombies at night. A creeper explodes. Shane tries to fight a creeper, and it blows up as Austin is trying to help. Jared finds a bow, and the group decide that Jared will throw it off the roof to everyone, and whoever gets it can keep it. Shane won.

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