I GOT A POTATO! is the third episode in season three of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date April 23rd 2014
Series Minecraft Season 3
Episode No. 3

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

After Austin found his diamond, everyone becomes hostile about what should happen to the diamond. Jon starts trying to decorate the house again, but Jared doesn't like all of the blocks in his way. Jared goes out killing zombies. Eventually, he gets really excited after finding a potato.

A zombie gets close to the door of the house. Everyone (except McJones and Dean) are waiting to kill it with their swords. They kill it, only to let a creeper in. It blows up the front door, the wall, and the floor. After using Austin's diamond to make a diamond pickaxe, McJones is in full iron armor as well. Austin wants his pants. Dean is frightened by an Enderman. Austin and Shane go off on their own adventure.

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