Ft. JonTron, DYKG, Smooth, and ProJared! is the first episode in season 3 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Ft. JonTron, DYKG, Smooth, and ProJared!
Upload Date April 16th 2014
Series Minecraft Season 3
Episode No. 1

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

The third season of Minecraft Hardcore has begun and everyone celebrates by dancing. The goal is to kill the Wither again, because they didn't last time. Jon's skin is on backwards for some reason. They start their basic day one activities, cutting down trees, killing cows, and making a poorly made house.

McJones hates what Austin has done to the house. The house quickly gets built up, but Jon wants to make it his own way. They don't get around to building a roof, so a spider almost comes in. Everyone steals all of Dean's food and coal. Smooth has made his way underground. Austin and Dean try to head down with him, but Dean repeatedly hits Austin.

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