TO THE NETHER! is the eleventh episode in season three of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 21st 2014
Series Minecraft Season 3
Episode No. 11

Deaths McJones, Austin

Synopsis Edit

With everyone on a island in the nether, Austin makes a small bridge to connect to the mainland. McJones tries to get his dogs into the nether. Smooth is mining, while Austin finds a fortress. McJones is disappointed that he doesn't have to make a long bridge to it. Smooth finds the same fortress at the end of his tunnel.

Shane and Smooth block off the lava on the fortress. Austin tries to join them, but makes the situation worse. The lava is removed. McJones eventually tries to catch up to the group, and is being shot at by a ghast. He has successfully bought some of his dogs into the nether. McJones tries to catch up to the group as Austin tries to kill blazes and Magma Cubes. Smooth gets withered, but kills his Wither Skeleton. McJones also kills a Wither Skeleton.

They plan to build a nether base, but as they are mining it out, lava pours out onto Austin and McJones. In his panic, Shane clogs up the hole, trapping McJones in. Both of the brothers burn to death, even though Austin got out of the lava.

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