Everyone mourns Barry's death, and PBG finds diamonds.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 8 (THE DIAMOND ESCAPE!)
Upload Date January 2nd 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 8

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Previously on Hardcore, Barry died a hero. PBG panics about Jared dying too, but he got an achievement. Jeff tries to get Barry's stuff, but a spider jumps out. The spider jumps out to attack everyone, and Jeff is poisoned. Everyone wants to leave, except for Jeff who wants Barry's stuff. Eventually, Jeff concedes defeat as their food dwindles.

PBG finds diamond. Jeff tries one more time to get into the spawner. Zombies move into the way. McJones becomes poisoned as a spider attacks. More zombies are appearing. A zombie picked up zombie's sword! Jared tries to kill the zombie, but is poisoned by an escaping spider. Everyone leaves.

PBG meets up with the rest of the group. Everyone laughs when they see PBG as he duel wields diamonds. They cook their iron and prepare to mourn Barry. PBG looks like a minion! Everyone is disgusted as they look at the inside of PBG's skin. Armor is made for everyone. Everyone is mad at PBG for making a diamond sword for himself.

PBG makes a competition to give away the diamond sword. Jared is the first to guess a number, and gets it correct. Jared shears all the sheep he finds. Dean is getting achievements. PBG and Jeff hate the achievements because they think someone has died.

PBG starts to make Barry's grave. He sings a sad song.

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