The team discovers an abandoned mineshaft, where they discover a poisonous spider spawner.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 7 (SPIDER SHAFTED!)
Upload Date December 30th 2016
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 7

Deaths Barry

Synopsis Edit

PBG gives some armor to Ray and Barry. Ray's afro is now hidden. Dean makes helmets for everyone. Jeff has been working on stuff outside. PBG makes wishes on SpaceHamster. He wants less carrots, more iron, and for his dogs to stop barking. Jeff works on protecting their house.

PBG heads back into the mine. PBG always gets the first diamond sword! Everyone is in the mine except for Jared and Jeff, and they start fighting enemies. Jeff is worried as there is a zombie near the house and another on the roof. PBG heads off on his own. McJones ends up in a hole looking for diamond, but he only finds lapis.

Jared and Jeff enter the mine and meet up with everyone else. Dean is afraid by Barry jumping in the same space as him. Jared tries to kill a bat. They make their way into an abandoned mineshaft.

McJones finds a spider spawner and becomes poisoned. McJones, Jared, Barry and Dean dig out spiderwebs and iron from the mineshaft. PBG is still on his own. Ray gets hit by a skeleton that is a long way away from him. McJones almost shoots Dean into lava. Jared fights a lot of zombies. Jared becomes poisoned.

Poisoned spiders keep on running out poisoning everyone who tries. Barry tries to destroy the spawner. The spawner is destroyed, but he gets stuck in a web with a spider. The spider kills him.

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