Jeff, Jared and McJones defend the base and do various tasks to improve their base, such as building a farm, gathering coal, and fortifying the walls.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 5 (CARROT MAGIC!)
Upload Date December 26th 2016
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 5

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Jeff starts to make a farm. Jared heads down the river searching for gravel. Jared finds a hill with snow. McJones follows Jared and Jeff stays behind to finish up the farm. Jeff makes a gate around the farm. McJones doesn't trust Dean. Jared finds a crap ton of sheep - 3.

The trio investigate some hills and investigate a cave. They discuss heading back after realizing they aren't prepared for this. Jared and Jeff are scared. Jeff feels like everyone else is dead - foreshadow? Jared harvests mushrooms. Jeff cuts down trees. They head back to the house as it gets dark. Ray is back in the house.

McJones and Ray jump together. Jared pretends to make armor out of leather to make fun of PBG, tricking both McJones and Jeff. McJones is sent to fight a creeper. McJones fights several enemies in the river. Jeff's skin freaks Jared out. McJones kills all the enemies in front of him.

Jared jokes about making leather armor so he can dye it! Jeff gets the Monster Hunter achievement, after stealing a kill from McJones. Jeff wants to make a pretty gate! They hear an explosion nearby. Footage of the others being attacked by a creeper is shown. Jeff fights a zombie and finds a carrot. Jeff makes a carrot farm. McJones and Jared fight a skeleton together. McJones survives a creeper explosion.

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