This episode focuses on the mining group of PBG, Ray, Dean, and Barry, as they go mining for iron to gear up the entire team.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 4 (ZOMBIE SURPRISE!)
Upload Date December 24th 2016
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 4

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

PBG, Ray, Dean and Barry are mining. They dig straight down. PBG doesn't even know what the other group is doing.

"So. The server glitched out, had to do a mild roll back. Woopsies~"

They decide to head back up. PBG is impressed by Barry's stairs. PBG struggles with new the dueling system. Dean and PBG attempt to build the stairs together, and they discover the collision mechanic when players touch each other. Dean finds a drop. PBG tries to dig down the hole. Dean accidentally hits him.

Meanwhile, Ray is on the surface while the other group is all inside. They aren't doing much. Dean panics as he finds that he can't place blocks while holding torches. PBG fights a zombie. Another zombie appears. Four zombies appear. PBG and Dean fight them back. Even more zombies appear and are defeated. They see a creeper and a skeleton, and decide to move back and get iron swords. Ray will go back to the house because it is safe!

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