PBG goes on a murder spree, everyone yells at PBG for making leather armor, and the party splits up.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 3 (GEARING UP!)
Upload Date December 21st 2016
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 3

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Jared can see horses, and McJones can see him. Jared is worried about getting down. PBG is exploring on his own, and sees lots of animals. He goes on a maniacal killing spree. Jared finds iron on the surface. McJones prepares food for everyone.

Dean, Jared and McJones head into a cave. Jared is shot at by a skeleton and is impressed with its shot. McJones' shield blocks the damage of the arrows. The house has a convenient hole for enemies to shoot through! PBG gathers everyone up to show off the food - but forgets how to drop items. PBG has a lot of meat.

Ray is constantly holding a flower as an homage. PBG has made leather armor. Everyone yells at PBG for wasting armor. PBG dates the video by talking about Halloween, and if it takes a long time to bring the video out, he will blame Todd. A picture of Todd crying appears.

Dean is reminded of the previous season as they talk about potions. Everyone goes outside to see if it is still night. PBG eats a candy, and sells out. They want to make renovations. They discuss separating into groups. PBG, Barry, Dean and Ray dig underground.

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