Jeff searches for more endermen.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 21 (AN EMPTY HOME!)
Upload Date February 1st 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 21

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Jeff didn't think he would be by himself. He heads back home on his boat. Sheep get in his way. He eventually makes it back home. He rides the minecart - and realizes he never needed PBG to push him. Jeff sings that he wishes he had a friend. Jeff makes PBG's grave, and incorporates the pink wool. He makes it out of soul sand to look disturbing.

Jeff finds a pigman in his house! The pigman scares Jeff every time he goes upstairs. Jeff enchants his gear. Jeff closes off the nether portal once the pigman leaves. Jeff tames a horse. Spiders and zombies attack. The horse is attacked by a creeper. Jeff fights an enderman.

Jeff rides his horse and puts armor on it. However, he realizes that he doesn't have a saddle. Jeff kills another enderman. Jeff almost falls down a hole. He gets back to the house. Jeff goes to an open field to find more endermen. Jeff loses half his hearts on one. Jeff becomes surrounded by enemies. A creeper blows up behind Jeff, but does virtually no damage. Jeff fights more endermen near lava. There are a lot of endermen around.

Jeff likes the new combat style. Jeff climbs a snowy mountain and looks down at the house. Jeff finds another pearl, and a creeper blows up next to him. Four spiders attack. He fights more endermen.

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