PBG discovers pink sheep, which turn into a bad omen.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 20 (BAD OMEN)
Upload Date January 30th 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 20

Deaths PBG

Synopsis Edit

A creeper blows up behind Jeff, and he loses half his health. PBG and Jeff continue talking about when endermen appear. PBG finds a cave as they row their boat. They investigate. PBG wants to make a cave house.

PBG finds a teleporting enderman. PBG looks at him and they fight. PBG wonders if it is the same enderman that he saw before. PBG's shield breaks and they get another ender pearl. Jeff tries to figure out how to make a shield, and PBG eventually gets it, and struggles to describe it. PBG plays around in the boat.

PBG gets shot in the face by a skeleton while rowing the boat. Jeff finds an enderman. It disappears after they attack it. A second enderman appears, and scares Jeff. Other enemies come to attack. Jeff is blown up by a creeper and is almost killed after being stuck in a tree. PBG sees a pink sheep among pig. PBG doesn't want to kill the happy family. There are two pink sheep! After looking at them long enough, PBG gets creeped out by the fake pigs, and takes them as a bad omen. Suddenly, a creeper comes from behind PBG and blows him up, killing him! Jeff can't believe that he is now by himself.

Jeff takes PBG's items. This was a bad place! Jeff kills all the enemies around, complaining that there are so many enemies. Jeff takes it out on the pink sheep by killing them. PBG was right, they were a bad omen! Jeff fights the enderman, and sees a creeper creeping up behind him. Jeff introduces his solo LP of Minecraft!

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