PBG and Jeff go exploring on their boat to find endermen.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 19 (SAILING FOR ENDERMEN!)
Upload Date January 20th 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 19

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

PBG is excited about books and learning as Jeff makes bookshelves. He screws it up. They realize that they need lapis. PBG enchants his sword. Jeff doesn't get to enchant his sword, as his level isn't high enough. Jeff wants to fight some enderman to get experience, but PBG wants to mine for XP.

PBG stands behind Jeff to scare him. PBG enchants his diamond armor. PBG has a tough new shield. They decide to go on adventure and use boats. They are impressed by the new boat system. PBG realizes that they need a compass. Jeff refuses to use PBG's dock. Jeff and PBG accidentally get into the same boat. It is now even more awesome! They sail out to sea.

PBG sings. PBG's neck is freaking Jeff out. PBG and Jeff discuss what they know about endermen. They arrive at a birch forest. PBG makes a Who Needs a map joke. Jeff sees a skeleton. PBG can't make it back into the boat. Jeff makes a backup boat.

They head back out, and come across an enderman. They kill the enemies in the area. Jeff wants to trap the enderman and PBG kills it. Jeff kills more enemies for the XP. A creeper cam is shown. Jeff fights three skeletons. The enemies start to fight each other. PBG fights a witch. Creepers are blowing up all around both PBG and Jeff. A creeper sneaks up from behind Jeff.

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