PBG sings as he and Jeff mines for diamond.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 18 (SINGIN' & SPELUNKIN'!)
Upload Date January 25th 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 18

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are afraid of having to kill so many enemies. A skeleton appears and Jeff kills it. After making a station, they continue to mine next to each other. They are using McJones' and Jared's shields. Jeff discusses enchanting. PBG sings as he finds redstone and coal.

PBG changes direction after hitting water. PBG sings about Jeff dying before finding diamond. They look around an open area. A creeper blows up on PBG, but he barely takes any damage. They fight an enderman and get another ender pearl. They fall down to a lower area, and find where they started. Jeff finds a skeleton spawner, while PBG finds zombies in gold armor. A bat catches itself on fire!

They search the chest in the skeleton spawner. PBG puts his sword in the chest rather then taking the skeleton armor out! PBG fights a squiggly. It chases Jeff. They struggle hitting the tiny enemy. They find a huge open area and meet up. They head into a ravine, and Jeff thinks it is the original ravine.

Now that McJones and Jared are dead, PBG can sing without being told to shut up - and he doesn't listen to Jeff. PBG starts to go bonkers, and asks Jeff what his favorite ball is. Jeff likes basketballs. PBG likes bouncy balls! PBG finds more diamond. They decide to call it and head back home. Jeff makes an enchanting table.

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