PBG and Jeff leave the nether.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 16 (ESCAPE, ESCAPE!)
Upload Date January 21st 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 16

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Jeff wants to see outside to see if he can see any blaze rods. They make a run for it. They realize they need to go back to get the blaze rods from the chest. Jeff gets hit while he is in an inventory. They sort out their items. Suddenly a wither skeleton appears. Jeff makes a hole in the wall so he can attack the wither skeleton.

They run away back across the fortress. A ghast shoots at them as they cross the bridge. They get to the pigman house, and they are all around. They think about their friends who died in the nether. They thought their nether journey would have been easier this time. They imagine that Ray is guiding them.

Eventually, they arrive at the original fortress. A blaze stands next to a zombie pigman, and they don't want to attack it. They fight more blazes. They stay around the spawner to get blaze rods. Jeff is reminded about how much they have lost. Neither PBG nor Jeff can remember what they need to actually do.

A ghast shoots towards them. PBG just wants to leave. They wonder how a zombie spawned down here. Jeff finds the way out, and they make it back home.

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