The group gets surrounded in the Nether fortress. Will anyone come out alive?

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 15 (BLAZES LEFT AND RIGHT!)
Upload Date January 18th 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 15

Deaths McJones, Ray

Synopsis Edit

Everyone heads outside, and gets all the XP from all the pigmen. Ray sees two pigmen nearby, but they aren't agro. A pigman walks right up to McJones' face while he was in his inventory. McJones builds a bridge to the fortress. They attack another pigman, and they get chased back to the house. PBG locks everyone out!

The pigmen break down the door, and it gets closed off. They discuss their new plan and head back to the bridge. They walk past many pigmen on the way. A ghast shows up. It's not fair that the ghast can agro the pigmen! Jeff gets a headshot on a blaze. A pigman walks up to PBG freaking him out. They arrive at the fortress, and there are blazes everywhere. McJones panics as a wither skeleton shows up.

The group builds a wall in the fortress. They head to the 'Lower Outside'. Arthur is not cut out for this! McJones fights blazes, and PBG wants him to stay inside. They fight blazes and wither skeletons. McJones is killed by a blaze, and everyone else panics. There is a lot of noise from the blazes. Ray is then killed by a wither skeleton as they fight blazes.

It is now just PBG and Jeff. PB&Jeff! Jeff is worried as they are trapped. They have lost most of their blaze rods. PBG finds nether wart, and gets attacked by a wither skeleton and a skeleton. They both panic. PBG is lost, and is attacked by wither skeletons as well. He almost dies at 1/2 a heart. Jeff finds a skull! Jeff is determined to have the skull. PBG gets more nether wart.

A memoriam of everyone who has died is played.

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