The group is attacked by pigmen, and they end up surrounded in a bunker.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 14 (CRAZY PIGMAN BATTLE)
Upload Date January 16th 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 14

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

The party discusses Magma blocks. PBG makes a bridge. Ray gets lost, and has to catch up to the others. A blaze follows the group, and Jeff shoots it, despite a pigman trying to get in the way of the shot. McJones reminds the group that Dean had a diamond sword.

Everyone narrowly avoids falling into lava. PBG's bridge is very narrow, and everyone is nervous to cross it. Everyone walks through the nether as Jeff places torches. A ghast appears. PBG is worried about getting lost. They fight a ghast.

PBG finds a fortress. A pigman attacks PBG. A zombie is here too! They fight all the pigmen. PBG gets stuck next to lava with two hearts. Jeff was shooting pigmen with arrows. The fight ends, and everyone discusses what happened.

They build a bunker. A ghast is still making noise nearby. Pigmen start chasing them again, and they run to the bunker. They put doors on the bunker. A baby zombie pigman gets inside and attacks PBG. PBG almost dies again. They are surrounded!

They decide to break a block and PBG attacks. PBG's fire alarm goes off! PBG attacks the pigmen through the hole, and offers everyone else a swing at them! This is now their prison! The pigmen are climbing on the roof. A zombie pigman starts breaking the door down.

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