The crew enters the nether to fight blaze and pigmen.

Minecraft HC #5! - Part 12 (INTO THE NETHER!)
Upload Date January 11th 2017
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 5
Episode No. 12

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Everyone heads into the Nether together, and find that they are blocked in. McJones sends everyone back out, and they all return to mine out the area. McJones digs a tunnel with the diamond pickaxe, while Jeff places torches.

They can't remember their patented bridge name. McJones finds an opening. PBG warns to not touch the pigmen. Jeff places a landmark to indicate where their portal is. Ray can hear the pain of the ghasts. They dig another tunnel to find a way to the surface. They make it to the surface, and a ghast appears. McJones builds cover for them. They shoot the ghast. Dean sees a fortress.

McJones begins to build a bridge. Jeff makes his bridge out of wood. McJones collects glowstone. PBG is using his wife's keyboard and is afraid of pressing the wrong key. McJones builds a safety wall around the bridge. The brothers argue.

The arrive on the fortress. PBG finds an enderman. They try to fight it, but the enderman is not interested. PBG is set on fire by a blaze. They have to be careful as there is a pigman with the blazes. PBG hits the pigman, and the pigmen attack. PBG is certain that he did not hit the pigman. They find a blaze spawner. Everyone battles blazes.

The pigmen are no longer attacking. No one trusts the pigmen. Suddenly, a lot of blazes appear in the spawner.

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