What's A Progress? is the third episode in the first season of Minecraft Hardcore.

What's A Progress?
Upload Date July 30th 2012
Series Minecraft Season 1
Episode No. 3

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

After leaving their cave, McJones finds a spider and begins to trap it. Dean comes along and kills it. McJones asks him if he got any string for it, to which Dean replies "No." He did get string. Austin can see their base long in the distance, and they begin to head towards it. McJones wants to make a map, prompting the first "Who needs a map" joke.

They get back in to reveal that Jon has made some crazy renovations. Jon sees the cooked chicken and thinks it looks like an ant head. The team decides to go looking for ores. Austin finds a ravine. They all try to climb down it (except McJones), and Dean falls. A creeper also falls in on top of them.