I JUST WANT THE PEARLS! is the sixteenth episode in season 1 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date September 19th 2012
Series Minecraft Season 1
Episode No. 16

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

With Austin dead, the rest of the team try to find his items. It was revealed that Austin switched his weapon accidentally, and that is what killed him. Jon became even more lost. They all meet back up, but are a long way from where they need to be. They find more Enderman and attack them, but Dean hits McJones and almost kills him.

They soon have all the Eyes of Ender and armor that they need and proceed to find the stronghold with the Eye of Ender. They have 16 Eyes of Ender, and lose four of them along the way. McJones sees the stronghold underwater and swims down to it, and falls into it, almost dying. Dean almost drowns.