PBG continues playing MineZ with Jared and McJones. Part 1 is here.

MineZ w/ProJared & McJones! - Part 2
Upload Date September 19th 2013
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG heads downstairs and is scared when he finds zombies. Jared finds cool stuff upstairs! There are multiple zombies around. PBG sings. Someone asks if they are filming Hardcore. McJones wants to tell them yes. They ask why Dean isn't on.

Jared is carrying worthless cactus, and throws it away. They organize their inventories and decide where to go. They see a big tree, and Jared wants to burn it. PBG throws his stone axe away. PBG pretends to shoot the others with his bow.

The three one up each other when Austin finds a tower. PBG finds a snowball, and aims for a tree. PBG was too lazy to show a montage of him throwing the snowball. They talk about CPA, and Jared makes funny words to fit the abbreviation. Jared comes up with "Children Perish. Awesome!" Jared hates kids. Jared gets left behind as they climb up a hill. The game is about to restart, so they want to run down the mountain before it resets!

They get back into the game. McJones talks about zombie pigmen in this game. They see a flower in the snow. They talk about Gnome Island, and Jared is disappointed that there aren't any gnomes. They then pretend to be the gnomes.

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