PBG, Jared and McJones play MineZ together.

MineZ w/ProJared & McJones! - Part 1
Upload Date September 9th 2013
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing MineZ, and according to McJones, this is the worst intro ever. They are meeting up with Jared. Jared is lost, and there are other people nearby! They are planning to meet up together. Jared is glitching, and PBG and McJones find a building. PBG needs food. McJones lags behind PBG.

PBG finds a watermelon in a tower. He eats it. Jared fills his bottle with salt water. They talk about drinking salt water. Jared has found five watermelons. Jared has to check to make sure that he was stacking them properly.

Their goal (which they haven't even told Jared yet), is to go to some floating islands. PBG kills a player zombie. Jared meets up with the others, as they see another player. PBG gets lost. PBG starts bleeding, as they kill the zombies and the other player. Another person shows up and steals their stuff! PBG is mad that the guy stole their stuff. The same guy appears again, and it is shown to be his zombie. They get their stuff back.

PBG heals Jared. McJones attacks everyone who doesn't have a blue name. They try to add Jared as a friend. They never got the friend requests to work!

PBG kills a zombie. Jared infects the water by putting rotten flesh in it!

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