Team 1 fight a lot of zombies, while Jeff loses his skin.

MineZ HC #2! - Part 3 (SWORD HOG!)
Upload Date August 5th 2017
Series MineZ Hardcore Season 2
Episode No. 3

Deaths None


Team 1Edit

Team 1 are at Huntsgrove. Paddington gives wise words. PBG decides to sell out - as Elmo. PBG finds an additional shears and antibiotics.

Dean and Ian find a graveyard. Dean fights zombies. Zombies chase the group in, and Ian kills them all. PBG fights a zombie that dropped out of a tree. PBG digs up a grave - only to find a zombie.

Barry doesn't know what PBG expected to find in a grave! Dean has chain mail armor. PBG says Dean's idea louder - and more official! They investigate a building. PBG fights an armored zombie.

"Editor's note: Barry changed his lighting setting. So cool right?"

Barry points out where zombies are in order to have the others take them out. Barry shares his water bottles while Dean finds a chest zombie. PBG states that they will head for a ruined fort.

Group BEdit

Still at the Heartless Mansion, Jeff is worried about it being night time. They discuss how many players they have come across already, and how many they could have killed by now!

The group find another building with food in it. Jeff doesn't see the chests that McJones can see. McJones has an enchanted sword! Jared mocks McJones for being a haxxer.

Meanwhile, Jeff still can't see the chests he is walking past. His Tingle skin has come off! Jared gives him a 6/10! Jeff can't see the building he is in. McJones finds another chest for Jeff to test. He still can't see the chest.

"Troubleshooting ensues"

McJones shows Jeff where a chest is - before revealing that there isn't one there.

"*Tried not to laugh*"

Jeff is surprised by two zombies attacking him. The group finds more chests, but aren't sure about how to get to them. Jeff can see chests now! Jared is almost thrown off the top of a building by a zombie. There are several zombies around the building. Jeff almost hits McJones.

The next step is Afaya. McJones wants to go way up to the top. Jeff finds a cool path to get to where McJones was climbing up to. Chests from the other buildings have respawned. There are a lot of scary tree zombies around. McJones does his best to avoid zombies. They all revisit the chests to find more armor. The zombies are slowly surrounding the group. Jeff finds a cow.