Jared makes mushroom soup, and PBG kills a player's zombie.

MineZ HC #2! - Part 2 (HE SAID IT)
Upload Date August 2nd 2017
Series MineZ Hardcore Season 2
Episode No. 2

Deaths None


Group BEdit

Jeff defeats a creeping zombie. The group leave the houses. They head towards the Heartless Mansion. They discuss food and water. Jared is lower on food then everyone else. Jeff is scared after not doing so well at the last mansion. Zombies chase after McJones when they reach the mansion.

There are floating torches around. They are in Kingdom Hearts! Jared wants to leave. There is a player nearby. Jared wants to murder them after faking being nice, but McJones opens by threatening them. It is a different person from before. The person leaves, and Jared is angry at McJones.

They explore the mansion. McJones finds antibiotics - what they would have needed last season. McJones starts to bleed. Jeff is taught how to use the shears on a bandage. Jared makes mushroom soup.

"He said it!"

Jared is having a hard time doing anything in the darkness. McJones climbs up higher up. He sees an iron sword on the ground, vanishing just as he gets there. McJones finds an iron sword anyway. Jeff doesn't want to jump across platforms. He doesn't want to fall and die right here.


They meet up outside, and Jeff tries to heal McJones. They head to Mt. Longton.

Team 1Edit

Meanwhile, Group 1 is at Bell Farm. Dean gets into trouble with a zombie. They head out. They discuss needing antidote last season, which ended in their downfall last season. They head towards Huntsgrove, which they are nowhere near.

Everyone decides which way to go. Barry and Dean start being left behind, and everyone makes jokes relating to their character. The group starts to split apart. PBG gets too far ahead. Everyone wants to be on McJones' team.

PBG tries to grab a cobweb with his iron shovel. It breaks, and they all cheer, but it is not an item! Dean gets horrible flashbacks after reaching a city they were in last season. Ian finds antibiotics. Dean fights a zombie. Ian is attacked by a chest zombie.

PBG sees someone outside, so they hide like cowards. PBG looks outside. He sees a player zombie. Other zombies attack from behind. PBG kills the player zombie, and takes all their stuff. PBG finds shears and heals everybody!

Dean and Ian both have bows, and want PBG's arrows. They search a house. Everyone's armor matches now. PBG feels optomistic. Dean comments on PBG's mood swings. There's going to be good times.