DON'T GIVE UP! is the ninth episode of MineZ Hardcore.

Upload Date July 9th 2014
Series MineZ
Episode No. 9

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Still in Sirus, Austin and McJones both almost die of thirst. Austin decides that they will split into two teams, with the two brothers being left behind. The team of SpaceHamster, Brutalmoose, ProJared and Barry begin preparations for leaving Sirus, when suddenly McJones appears and gives them his stuff. Dean arrives at the entrance of Sirus and awaits the other four.

Jared takes the lead, and encourages everyone to head to the pirate ship. The new goal is to find Knoxmoor inn for supplies. The team finds a town and take everything they can find. Dean falls through the floor of a house and starts bleeding. SpaceHamster also falls through a floor. Dean gets attacked by zombies, and for the THIRD TIME is infected. They dig the graves for items.

They head towards the pirate ship.

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