THE PROFESSOR! is the sixth episode of MineZ Hardcore.

Upload Date June 28th 2014
Series MineZ
Episode No. 6

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

McJones has found where they are on the map, but they are a long way off course. It starts raining, so everyone showers. McJones and Jared are too embarrassed to be seen with them, and move away. The names of the teams becomes the point of attention, as they reveal that the team names are Team 1, and Team B. Professor McJones attempts to explain what to do for the giant, but Dean keeps interrupting by singing McJones' jingle.

Some time later, they climb up a mountain into the clouds. Austin puts himself in danger by eating rotten flesh, and is lucky that he doesn't get poisoned. McJones finds a one block pit that he almost fell down. Everyone crowds around it, so Austin decides that everyone should throw their Eye of Ender down the pit as a sacrifise, and if anyone didn't have one, they would die. Jared and McJones didn't have one, so Austin claims that they will both die.

They arrive at Sirus.

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