AMBUSH! is the second episode of MineZ Hardcore.

Upload Date June 14th 2014
Series MineZ
Episode No. 2

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Back to team 1, the team find a player zombie, and the team kill him. Austin explains what the goal is in this hardcore - to defeat the giant with cobwebs. They state that they will be fine in Portsmith (Barry calls foreshadowing). They reach Portsmith and see a lot of zombies. They attack a zombie in the church. A second zombie arrives and is killed. They discover another player zombie, and kill it to take its stuff. While filling up their water bottles, the group is swarmed by multiple zombies.

Team 2 is still investigating the village, and multiple zombies attack the group. As they are about to leave the village, they are attacked by ANOTHER swarm of zombies. Dean is infected, and the others have taken a lot of damage. A player is nearby, but he leaves. McJones and Jared are really worried about what is happening to Dean. They reach Ridgevale, and see a zombie. Dean is still constantly taking damage. They are hoping to see the other team, but they are nowhere in sight.

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