THE LAST SUPPER! is the sixteenth and final episode of MineZ Hardcore.

Upload Date August 2nd 2014
Series MineZ
Episode No. 16

Deaths Austin, SpaceHamster, Brutalmoose, Barry

Synopsis Edit

Austin is still getting into Grayvale, and suddenly hears a zombie, but can't see it. He is terrified. He gets into an open courtyard, and is surprised to see nothing around, including zombies. After a lot of wandering around with no zombies, he finds and empties a chest. He climbs to a balcony, when suddenly, he sees a zombie. In his panic, he runs off the balcony, and accidentally dies.

Back on the moon, Brutalmoose, Barry and SpaceHamster are worried about dying of thirst. They come across the giant's pit, when suddenly, zombie pigmen and regular zombies spawn and start chasing them. The giant spawns and the boss fight begins. They all shoot arrows at it, but they seem to have no effect. Brutalmoose tries to place the spider web, but the game deletes it. Barry bravely tries to hit the giant with his sword, but the giant rampages.

Smaller zombies spawn, and a shock wave occurs which blasts the three a long distance away. SpaceHamster gets stomped on by the giant and is killed. The remaining two kill his zombie. Brutalmoose and Barry try to heal each other, while the giant continues to jump and cause shock waves in the distance. The two have their last meals, and get back to the fight.

Brutalmoose is quickly killed by the storming giant, and Barry struggles off zombies including Brutalmoose's. Barry is killed seconds later.

Trivia Edit

  •  Even though PBG is the first one to die in the actual episode, he was the one to live the longest. It was edited in this way because PBG thought it would anti-climactic for him to be the last one left and just die from falling down whilst running from a zombie.