I DON'T LIKE THIS! is the fourteenth episode of MineZ Hardcore.

Upload Date July 26th 2014
Series MineZ
Episode No. 14

Deaths McJones

Synopsis Edit

Back to Austin and McJones, they shoot the zombie that was chasing McJones. More zombies appear, and the brothers kill them all. They continue to empty chests so they can re-spawn. The can see many more zombies everywhere. Suddenly, McJones shrieks and is killed. It wasn't seen, but a death message says that zombies ate his brains. His zombie appears from inside the house. Austin is alone and terrified.

Austin wants to kill McJones' zombie. Austin continues to loot chests, and repairs his bows, armor and weapons with what he finds. Austin decides that the best way to help himself is to find another player to save him. He walks into a house to raid the chest, and zombies sneak up behind him, but Austin lives and kills them. He escapes, but decides to kill his zombie brother first - but zombie McJones ruins it by moving. McJones' zombie is killed.

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