Upload Date July 16th 2014
Series MineZ
Episode No. 10

Deaths None

THE PIRATE SHIP! is the tenth episode of MineZ Hardcore.

Synopsis Edit

Please note that for the rest of this hardcore, the events are NOT shown in order.

The team of SpaceHamster, ProJared, Brutalmoose, Dean and Barry find the stairs that lead down to the pirate ship. There are holes throughout the bridge, so everyone has to be very careful. Dean is going down very slowly as he can barely see.

They make it to the pirate ship. There is a cat that keeps on interrupting the call. Dean tries to encourage everyone to get to the top of the ship to get to a rare chest, but no one else can find a way up there. Dean gets left behind, as he still is infected.

The adventuring party is down to four. They head back up the stairs being very careful not to fall. They look back at the ship only to see three zombies at the top of it.

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