PBG defeats Bowser, and heads to a new level, Lethal Lava Land.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 9 (WHY, MARIO?!)
Upload Date January 21st 2015
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 9

Stars 0
Deaths 10

Synopsis Edit

PBG shows a picture of Mario's face. Back at the Bowser fight, Bowser gets stuck on Mario, and the spikes charge at Mario. Mario is killed. Bowser floats on Mario again, and the spikes disappear. Mario starts riding a shell, so PBG decides to jump off the edge, which restarts the fight.

PBG gets confident as a spike appears. PBG drops Bowser and panics. The game is delaying the throw. Something is wrong, and PBG can't throw Bowser properly. PBG wants to see a speed run of chaos edition. Mario traps himself inside Bowser and somehow escapes.

The level resets again. PBG is really into it right now. He lunges at Bowser and dies. Mario keeps on grabbing onto nothing. PBG promises that this is the time it will work, but it doesn't. Giant Mario succeeds and beats Bowser!

PBG is excited to check out the new levels. Mario dies as he was about to open the door in the castle. He dies again, and waits for the counter to stop ticking down. PBG tries to explain his excitement at seeing more levels, but the game decides to frustrate him again.

PBG yells at Mario as he can't be controlled. Mario heads to the basement. He decides to try Lethal Lava Land. PBG doesn't think he will realistically beat this game. Everything goes crazy, and Mario is propelled into the sky. And Mario was never seen again. Mario eventually dies, and the game crashes.

He tries again and is a sign! The game throws sign Mario into the lava. PBG would rather be a sign then big Mario. He continues being pushed into the lava and dying. He is killed instantly by a winged cap boo. Mario dies near the bullies as moving forward doesn't work. Mario can't move left properly now. He makes it to the bully platform. He starts losing all his health, and he gets teleported back to the start to die. Game over.

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