PBG fails at dropping onto stars, and throwing giant bombs.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 6 (LOOKS NORMAL!)
Upload Date January 3rd 2015
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 6

Stars 0
Deaths 10

Synopsis Edit

PBG starts by going through the wrong door. PBG heads back to Whomp's Fortress, and picks up from where he left off last time. He grabs onto the owl, and misses. He tries to go to the cannon, and PBG loses control entirely, and Mario throws himself off.

PBG tries for the owl again. The game does not want PBG to succeed. PBG gets really close to the star, but bounces out. Mario gets crushed by a whomp, and Mario is propelled around the stage. Mario is launched into death again. And there he goes again like a rocket.

There seems to be some kind of wall around the star. Mario's health is ticking down, and PBG activates the cannon. It was going to work, but he dies before the bomb stops talking!

PBG tries to get health by swimming, but it doesn't work. He can't go through the doors again! He reset the game, and it still doesn't work! PBG decides to get confident again.

Gigantic Mario misses the drop into the star. Mario is thrown off again twice more.

PBG gives up and goes somewhere else. He loses himself in the castle as the camera stops looking at Mario.

Back in Bob-omb Battlefield, it seems peaceful. PBG gets propelled around the stage. He tries to use it to his favor by long jumping up a hill. It stops working at that moment. PBG gets killed by a bubble. PBG dies after bouncing off a goomba multiple times. PBG struggles to run away from a bo-bomb. Mario's health starts to drain, and he can't move. He dies again, getting a game over.

PBG compares this to pulling off a band aid. PBG compliments himself after jumping into a coin. He uses the surfing glitch to ride up a hill. PBG can't see anything as the camera goes crazy again. He heads back to fight the boss again, and Mario does a headflip.

PBG misses his punch, and is thrown. PBG struggles to pick him up, but succeeds. After the second throw, Mario is propelled off the edge and dies. PBG is upset, and is a sign again.

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