PBG gets killed by a tree, before sliding to a star.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 5 (FLYING FAILS!)
Upload Date December 31st 2014
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 5

Stars 1
Deaths 9

Synopsis Edit

PBG forgets what he was saying. He will attempt to beat Bowser one time, and maybe do more after that. The cannon in Whomp's Fortress is opened. Mario gets in, and falls under it, getting stuck! PBG can punch, kick and sometimes jump. He gets out and becomes invisible. He resets.

He can't go into the doors. PBG wants to do the red star in the sky star. Back in Whomp's Fortress, he attempts to use the owl. PBG tries to drop into a star, but misses. Mario does a really long long jump off the edge.

Mario starts dashing towards the edge of the level. PBG tries to climb a tree, and the entire stage vanishes, killing him! PBG gets thrown off the level again after PBG touched a tree. PBG can't even get back into the painting! He is thrown off twice more, and gets a game over. The screen goes black.

PBG can finally climb the tree, and tries to ride the owl, but it resets him. He tries again, and the camera becomes zoomed out. PBG drops above the star, but is thrown off the edge instead! PBG wants to try the cannon, but it turns into a boo! PBG falls through the level after trying the tree.

PBG investigates the backyard where the ghosts are. They aren't there yet. PBG is terrified by the hat boos as he enters Bob-omb Battlefield. Everything attacks him again, and he dies. The game freezes when PBG tries to open a door. He tries the slide again. Weird sounds start playing. PBG finally gets the star! PBG is a sign again.He heads back to Cool, Cool Mountain, and the game freezes. The game crashes after PBG says that it hasn't crashed! PBG can't get in the doors again! He heads to Jolly Roger Bay, but doesn't have a good feeling. There is no water, and loud sounds play.

PBG runs around for a while trying to attract the eel and eventually gives up. Mario dies at the end.