PBG can't go left, stars activate that shouldn't, and lots of crashing.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 3 (I CAN'T TURN LEFT!)
Upload Date December 19th 2014
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 3

Stars 2
Deaths 2

Synopsis Edit

PBG has to restart his intro after stuffing it up. Mario flies up to the ceiling before heading into Jolly Roger Bay. There are more Boo Mario hats. PBG makes his way to the sunken ship before the camera zooms out. Mario gets big as the eel doesn't come out. PBG needs some coins as he becomes gigantic, but can't collect them due to his size. He somehow gets to the surface.

Mario can't move. He can't move to the left, and almost drowns. He tells Jeff not to do anything. He tests out his swimming on the surface. Another star gets activated for some reason - a star that doesn't even get activated!

PBG makes it into the ship, and opens the chests. He can't go left again! PBG yells and begs to the game before drowning. He gets a totally fair game over. He notices that his previous star did not count.

PBG complains about the game not letting him go left. The water vanishes! PBG admits that he won't be able to beat this game. PBG starts riding a shell, and heads to the star in the tunnel behind the ship. PBG's memory works, as he gets the chest order correct. Giant Mario struggles, but he gets the star.PBG tries to head into the secret star. He can't even get them as the water is still gone! The level resets itself, and there is red outside! Being big makes it hard to collect the coins. PBG brags that this will be an easy star. He gets all the red coins, and gets the star!Mario's head starts rolling backwards, making PBG laugh and question what the game is doing! PBG heads to Cool, Cool Mountain. PBG won't even try the slide. His damage ticks down and he dies. PBG jumps around outside, but is taking damage, and needs to collect coins before he dies.

PBG searches for his favorite star in Cool, Cool Mountain, and falls off the cliff to the lower area. The game crashes. Mario's head starts to turn again. The game crashes again. PBG tries the sliding secret star, but the door won't work! No doors work! PBG can't even see anything! The room corrupts. PBG gives up.