PBG gets assaulted by everything, gets thrown around a lot, and the game freezes when he gets a star.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 2 (SIGN MARIO!)
Upload Date December 10th 2014
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 2

Stars 1
Deaths 5

Synopsis Edit

PBG runs really laggily, and dies before he can even make it to the castle. He starts back in the same spot! He turns into a sign again as he enters Bob-omb Battlefield. PBG wants to still be a sign, but he turns into glowy star Mario.

There was a flamethrower on the bridge and the bridge is spinning, as PBG can barely see what is happening. PBG ends up skating a few times. PBG's antivirus software interrupts him! Mario is slowly walking and can't get past an invisible wall. The game crashes.

PBG enters the castle, and Mario starts singing. PBG wonders how it was made. PBG gets assaulted in Bob-omb Battlefield by everything! However, the coins are helping him stay alive. PBG tries to get to the cannon, but it doesn't work. PBG can't even get to the mountain! He decides to crawl up the mountain. PBG didn't know that crawling was an option until fairly recently.

Mario's jumps become really floaty. He ground pounds up the mountain. Suddenly, he gets thrown off the top of the mountain. The cannon door becomes a ghost! He finally makes it to the top of the mountain to see Big Bob-omb, but Mario jumps off the mountain as Big Bob-omb is talking!

Mario continues to be thrown around against PBG's will. PBG tries to climb a tree as everything assaults him. He dies.

This is not going well, so he tries to go to Whomp's Fortress, but the game crashes. PBG tries out Mario's sweet moves outside the castle, but dies again. He just barely gets into Whomp's Fortress with one piece of health left. PBG is confused by the music. It sounds like something out of Donkey Kong 64 or inside a house in Animal Crossing. PBG gets launched off the cliff!

Toad has nothing interesting to say. PBG really wants to get something this episode, and sings along with the odd music. PBG is dying again. He is a sign again as he jumps back into the level. A tree is blowing sign Mario up. Sign Mario keeps on sliding around, and he can't get past the bridge.

PBG wonders if people would still like Super Mario 64, if players played as a sign instead. The whomps are back to normal now. PBG climbs up the tower at the top of the fortress, and jumps very high. He finally gets the star! Unfortunately, the game freezes.Sign Mario can still walk around, so PBG tries to launch to another star. He just misses it.