PBG concludes his Chaos Edition journey by finally getting a star in a snow level, before falling off mushrooms and killing piranha plants.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 24 (FINALE?!)
Upload Date May 25th 2015
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 24

Stars 2
Deaths 9

Synopsis Edit

This is going to be the final episode of the series. PBG wants to come back to this eventually. PBG forgot that he wanted to stop after the last Bowser. PBG wants to try some more suggested stars. PBG is planning for new stuff.

The game freezes in Snowman's Land. PBG promises that it won't be a year before he comes back to this. PBG won't miss this game. His health ticks down and he can't turn left. The game crashes again.

PBG is trying to get an easy star, but snow levels keep on crashing in this game. PBG is playing on a different emulator version then what was recommended. PBG jumps up and gets a star!PBG compares this game to drugs! He is addicted to this game. He realizes that he shouldn't be talking about drugs. He has to reset, as the game didn't save the star. He now has his lucky number of stars - 32.

PBG struggles to jump into Tall, Tall Mountain. He tries to leap to the mushroom for a star, but misses. Mario's health is ticking down, and he can't get health from goombas. He gets health back from the water. PBG isn't good at this game anyway, but he isn't too bad. He walks off a cliff saying this.

PBG tries to ride the log, but falls off instead. The camera zooms out an extreme amount. PBG tries to get the red coins instead, but falls off and dies. He continues getting the red stars, but falls off instead. The game makes him go left, and he falls off again.

PBG tries to think of an easy star to get. The red coins turn into fire and PBG's health ticks down. Mario dies as the enemies don't give out coins! PBG gets angry. The game makes PBG eat his words as a goomba gives him a coin. He gets thrown off the edge. This happens twice in a row.

PBG didn't think this star would be so hard as he is thrown off the mountain again. He heads back to the snow level. PBG thinks he may never play this game again - or make a video ever again!

The snow levels do not work. PBG thinks he is having trouble because he is using the wrong emulator version. PBG heads into Tiny-Huge Island. There is no water! He plans on killing the piranha flowers. The star is unlocked. He gets the star, and breaks up with the game.PBG may return to this series at a later date. He is congratulated again for getting the star twice. PBG struggles to talk. This was a very popular series. Mario falls over as PBG makes his outro. Bye bye forever!