PBG takes fan suggested stars in Hazy Maze Cave.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 18 (FAN STARS!)
Upload Date March 28th 2015
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 18

Stars 3
Deaths 12

Synopsis Edit

The game crashes as PBG tries to introduce the video. He can't go through the door, and gets angry at it. He is taking fan suggestions this episode from Hazy Maze Cave. As a sign, PBG has to unlock the metal cap. He decides to grab a star that is right near him on the way.He talks to a nearby Toad. He gives Mario a star!PBG's health ticks down and he dies, but doesn't care. His health continues to tick down, and PBG uses a heart to gain health. Invisible Mario fights a camera, and gets bowled over to his death.

Mario leaps too high and falls into a pit. PBG is disappointed as he could have got another star from it. When PBG starts to complain, things start to work! The game freezes.

The game doesn't want PBG to have fun anymore. PBG gets the long jump again, and can jump up to the star!That is the best thing in this game, getting an easy star from the glitches.

Mario gets pushed around, and PBG ground pounds into a pit. PBG struggles to jump to not get hit by the rocks, and ends up dying. The game also crashes.

Mario's health constantly ticks down, and constantly falls on his butt and dies. He dies a few more times when his health ticks down. He even kills himself and stops caring. He gets a game over. His health continues to tick down, and PBG proves that it doesn't help to go into the water.

PBG is bad at being sarcastic. The game doesn't want him to get four stars in one episode. He can't do a long jump in the place where he needs to do a long jump. PBG loses his mind. He long jumps successfully again. PBG falls in a hole, and sings 'No! No! No! over and over.

PBG can't see where he is going. He gets past the rocks. PBG makes it to Dorrie. Mario's head spins. The water vanishes, and then reappears! PBG can't stay on Dorrie. PBG wants to give up. His health starts to tick down, so he gives up as Mario drowns. PBG yells at Mario for making him feel bad.