PBG fights the hands boss in Shifting Sand Land.

Mario 64 HACKED - Part 13 (PERSEVERANCE!)
Upload Date February 14th 2015
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 13

Stars 3
Deaths 11

Synopsis Edit

PBG has caught the bunny to get an extra star. It wasn't interesting to watch.PBG tries to ride a shell in Shifting Sand Land, and is frozen just before he drowns in the sand. Somehow he is alive! He gets a shell again, and he rides around the level. PBG can't get off of the shell! The camera is going crazy too. PBG ends up walking into quicksand without seeing where he is going, wasting his time.

PBG panics, and ground pounds into quicksand. Mario is now a sign, and loses his health. There are no coins around, and he dies. The health continues to tick down without waiting for Mario. He tries to get an extra life, but falls into quicksand, and his health ticks down to his death. The moving box still doesn't have coins, and the health continues to tick down, and he continues dying.

It carries over after his game over, and he dies once more. PBG attempts to walk across the quicksand platforms, and is caught off guard as a box squashes him. His health starts ticking down again and he dies. The game also crashes.

People tell PBG that he can ground pound out of the shell, but he can't get it to work. He manages to hit a wall out of it. He climbs a pillar, and jumps to the bird holding the star. Mario crashes into the sand getting stuck, but PBG manages to get it.That is one of the easier stars in the game. PBG recalls how hard some of the easier stars can be in Chaos Edition. PBG tries to climb the top of the four towers. He keeps falling off, but keeps his shell. PBG can't remember what to do from his Super Mario 64 playthough.

He activates all four towers, and gets into the pyramid. PBG can fight the boss. The camera messes around and Mario's head spins. Mario is killed while the boss is talking! PBG starts back in the pyramid. The game keeps on resetting him.

Sign Mario fights the hands. His health begins to tick down, and he is pushed off the edge. His health continues to tick down, and he dies again in the level. However, PBG sees another star he can just jump to. He tries to make the jump, but falls off. PBG decides to fight the hands again. Just before PBG can win, the camera stops looking at Mario, and he dies!

PBG misses the jump again. He thinks long and hard about his mistakes. The camera glitches again, and the shell appears. PBG can barely see what he is doing, and gets angry! One of the hands is killed. Mario is very floaty, but the second hand is killed, and PBG gets the star!Only 12 more stars to go!