PBG gets thrown into lava a lot, as he collects red coins and bullies the big bully.

Upload Date February 4th 2015
Series Mario 64 HACKED (Chaos Edition)
Episode No. 12

Stars 2
Deaths 15

Synopsis Edit

PBG's intro is interrupted as Mario is flung around. He heads to Lethal Lava Land. He falls through a bridge. PBG wants to do the red coin star, but is thrown into the lava too often, and dies. There isn't much he can do as he constantly gets thrown into the lava again.

PBG shortcuts to the red coins. He continues to be thrown into lava. His health starts ticking down. The camera zooms out, and sign Mario slides around and dies. PBG gets a game over.

PBG comments on how difficult it is to control sign Mario, as there are no animations. Everything attacks PBG, and he dies instantly. A star appears, and PBG has to reset. PBG compares getting a star in Super Mario 64 to winning an Oscar! A random star appears in the level, which comes towards Mario! PBG waits to see what happens. It taunts him. He has to reset.

PBG is being pessimistic today! PBG explains how he can find work arounds. His health starts to tick down. He gets two away before he dies. The game crashes. PBG starts the level, only to be killed instantly by a boo hat. He collects all 8 red coins, and manages to grab the star!

He heads back in to Lethal Lava Land to find the big bully. PBG has no idea where the bully was, and ends up dying. Sign Mario gets thrown around a lot, and dies.

Mario loses health despite not even being able to move! He gets a game over after being thrown into the lava again. He walks into the door and dies again! The coins on the inside of the castle were designed for Mario 64 Chaos Edition! PBG is again killed by the annoying boo caps.

PBG finds the big bully. Somehow, the big bully falls to the lower platform, making him easy to push into the lava. Mario gets to the star, when suddenly the platforms attack him! PBG begs for the star, and he gets it.PBG can't believe that that star almost slipped away.