PBG rides on Epona to protect himself from enemies, endures a long speech to get the stone mask before singing about it.

Majora's Mask - The Stone Mask
Upload Date July 13th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG has been waiting for so long for everyone to make a new Majora's Mask videos. He demands everyone apologize in the comments. PBG reminisces about getting the Don Gero's Mask. It is time to literally roll to the Stone Mask.

He arrives at his destination, and shows how to blow up the bomb enemies. The real way to get rid of them is to jump on Epona! It's like a minefield, and they do nothing to Epona! PBG finds a ghost guy after equipping the lens of truth.

PBG didn't think ahead, and doesn't have the potion he needs, and heads back to Clock Town for it. PBG rambles and pretends he scored a goal. He purchases a red potion. He rolls back with the Goron.

He rides on Epona and jumps over the gates. PBG asks himself if he did a video, and remembers that he already did that joke in his Skyward Sword video.

The invisible man repeats his long speech, and PBG yells at him to shut up! PBG gives him the potion. PBG receives the Stone Mask. The bomb guys can no longer see PBG. The Stone Mask makes Link invisible. PBG apologizes that this episode has gone on for so long.

He makes a bonus song where he sings about killing everyone with the Stone Mask.

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