PBG continues the couple's storyline to get the Keaton Mask.

Majora's Mask - The Keaton Mask
Upload Date November 26th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG makes a disclaimer. He had a flu, and took the wrong medicine, and was very sleepy during the filming, so this video is weirder than usual.

PBG rambles about playing Ocarina of Time, and drinks a Monster. He is reminded about a Did You Know Gaming episode, and wants to link to it in the description.

He gets back to the Inn keeper, and shows the necklace to her. PBG heads back to the hideout, and waits for it to open. He heads back in and a guy is in there. PBG almost doesn't see him. Kafei is real little now - that wasn't a joke. PBG stumbles over the text. He is given the Keaton Mask.

PBG also gets the express mail. PBG needs to head to Ikana Village, but checks out the Keaton Mask that looks like Pikachu. He jumps off a cliff into water. PBG rambles about people complaining in the comments. PBG uses the stone mask to cheat. He plays the Stone Mask song again.

PBG waits for Sakon to arrive. And waits. He finally comes very slowly. He speeds up time. The door opens, and PBG gets ready to follow Kafei through.

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