PBG struggles to use the lens of truth as he finds the Goron Mask.

Majora's Mask - The Goron Mask
Upload Date October 10th 2011
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG struggles to introduce the video and is standing in the snow. PBG puts a disclaimer on the screen that Link is not a boss, he is the main character of the game. PBG heads towards the Goron Village. PBG shoots Tingle down and laughs at him.

PBG speaks to Kaepora Gaebora. PBG jumps across the invisible platforms, and points out a peanut shaped object in the background. PBG compares the game to Star Wars. PBG finds a chest and gets the Lens of Truth. PBG claims that he doesn't need to be courageous if he has the Lens of Truth. 

He struggles to talk to a Goron Ghost. PBG pauses the video, as he is having technical difficulties talking to the guy. He cuts back and he is now following the ghost. PBG is an idiot and takes a different route than the ghost does, taking a shortcut. PBG finds a treasure chest under the ice.

The characters arrive at the Mountain Village. PBG runs around on an ice platform, and runs around in circles for several seconds before falling into the water. He climbs up an invisible ladder, which he gets lost on. PBG complains at how confusing the ladders are.

PBG questions how one of the Gorons is cased in ice and the other isn't. The ghost talks about how he died, and PBG states that because Link is magical, he just ends up back where he started! PBG plays the Song of Healing, after pointing out the red text and wondering if he is the only person who sings the notes out loud. PBG receives the Goron Mask.

PBG tries it out and rolls around. Being the Goron is actually pretty fun.

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