PBG gets the Gibdo Mask on his quest to collect all the Majora's Mask masks.

Majora's Mask - The Gibdo Mask
Upload Date August 7th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG tries to introduce the episode, but is rudely interrupted by getting blown up. PBG loves his fans. A strange man appears. PBG chokes. PBG puts on the Garo's mask.

PBG hookshots onto a newly grown tree. PBG could run through this section invisible, but decides to go fast instead! He pretends he is playing football going for a touchdown, but gets hit by several rocks. He gets tackled several times, and gets back up and scores the touchdown.

He reaches the canyon, and talks to a running man. PBG wanted to give the guy his sword, but Tahl protects him. PBG gets into a fight. PBG shields, and the enemy strikes him from behind, yet the shield still protected Link. The guy is defeated, and PBG makes an odd noise for when it disappears. PBG has to fight another one.

PBG decides to take the mask off as it is getting on his nerves. He freezes some octorocks to turn them into a bridge. PBG hookshots onto some trees, and activates an owl statue. He is attacked by a crow, but he thinks it is a bat. The crow gets away, and PBG shoots it with an ice arrow, and freezes it.

PBG gets attacked by a Gibdo. PBG gets lost, and realizes that he has to go into the grave that he said last episode that he didn't have to go into! He is now in the cave, and needs the Song of Storms, but he didn't learn it! Oops! PBG thought it would be funny to learn the song with half a heart left, but didn't check to make sure he had the song. He tries to escape, but dies.

He learns the Song of Storms, before playing the song in the cave. The music plays, while PBG rambles. A really long cutscene plays. PBG shows the girl running back into the house, and the door glitches weirdly.

PBG heads up to the door and is attacked by a crow. He shoots it with an arrow. PBG blows the door up. The girl comes out. PBG walks around with the Stone Mask on to get inside. PBG opens a door to see the terrifying dad. PBG has to play the Song of Healing. PBG thinks the father's face looks weird. PBG questions the odd items in the cupboard. PBG gets the Gibdo Mask.

PBG forgets to sing as he gets the mask, and does it again. PBG tries to blow up the happy family, as he runs away.

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