PBG gets the giant's mask, and fights a boss with it.

Majora's Mask - The Giant's Mask
Upload Date August 29th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG commands some redeads to dance for him. They suddenly stop dancing. PBG tests his microphone. The Gibdo Mask is a douchebag, so he wears the Bunny Hood instead. Today, he will be finding the Giant's Mask, and is in a temple for the first time this series.

He fails to blow up some mines, and tries again. PBG tells a story about how he pronounced the Deku Scrub wrong, and people complained. PBG doesn't care about getting the fairy. PBG fights Al Gore the Eye Gore, who doesn't like light arrows. The Eye Gore starts shooting lasers! PBG repeatedly states that he will take the Eye Gore out. He finally succeeds, and receives the Giant's Mask. PBG reads the description. He runs into a prickly log.

PBG decides to fight the boss using the Giant's Mask. Twinmold appears in a cutscene. PBG feels like a douchebag in this boss fight as the boss doesn't attack him! PBG realizes that he has no magic nor arrows, so he can't fight the boss! PBG scavenges some arrows. Twinmold hits him, and PBG is angry, and uses the Giant's Mask to hit him with his sword. PBG somehow falls off the edge. He has never seen that happen before!

PBG gets attacked by Twinmold. He struggles to pick up magic that fell right in front of him! Twinmold is finally defeated. PBG worries about how much he sucks. PBG doesn't feel bad about beating him any more! PBG gets a heart container for the first time this series.

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