PBG kicks off his first collection series by collecting all of the masks in Majora's Mask, beginning with the Deku Mask found at the start of the game.

Majora's Mask - The Deku Mask (Part 1)
Upload Date June 4th 2011
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG welcomes people to his new second channel. People tell him that he doesn't make enough videos, so this video will fill the gap. This series will have PBG get all the masks in Majora's Mask starting with the Deku Shrub. It is required, and is a part of the story.

He goes to visit the Great Fairy, and sees Tingle along the way. PBG loves Tingle. He is just fun to make fun of. PBG finds the fairy in the pond. PBG loves to complain because it is fun. The fairy is returned, and the Great Fairy appears. PBG wonders why she is naked. PBG thinks Deku Shrub Link waved goodbye to her.

PBG pops the balloon of one of the hideout kids. He finds the leader, and he sucks at Hide and seek. PBG hates it when the kids hide in the doors. He quickly finds the last three kids. The kids give PBG the code and enters the hideout. PBG thinks he could beat the bouncer up.

PBG forgets about the spider in the hideout and takes damage. PBG finds the creepy guy in the observatory, and makes a sexual reference. PBG sees the skull kid in the telescope, and heads out to get the moon's tear.

It is now night time, and PBG has plenty of time left. PBG trades the moon tear for the deed for the flowers. PBG now has to wait for two days on the top of the clock tower. PBG waits and does ballet on the clock.

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