PBG talks about the sexual innuendo made by the Couple's Mask quest.

Majora's Mask - The Couple's Mask
Upload Date December 8th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG gets confused. He realizes that he is looking for the Couple's Mask. He runs up the stairs, and looks at the mask. It looks creepy. He waits for a while as the earth begins to shake. He randomly says "poop", and wants it to be cut out.

He speeds up the footage and messes in the menu. It is boring. PBG can hear Kafei enter. The game glitches strangely again. A cutscene plays where Kafei is given the mask. PBG tries to come up with a theory on the symbolism of the game. PBG says something that he found too embarrassing to leave in a video (and spells first wrong), so he cuts it out.

He calls the mother and child appearing couple a pervert. They created a 'baby' mask. PBG pretends to complain to Nintendo. Link was watching the sexual innuendo, and PBG finds it creepy. PBG gets the Couple's Mask.

The game continues to glitch. PBG shows the three masks he got from this section of the game. He shows off how pretty the Couple's Mask is. The final day is about to end, so PBG will save himself.

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