PBG dances and sings throughout the episode, and accidentally stops paying attention before purchasing the All-Night Mask.

Majora's Mask - The All-Night Mask
Upload Date October 12th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG sings his intro. Today, PBG is getting the All-Night Mask, and shows the Mask of Truth again. He waits until midnight while the suspicious man goes to attack the old woman again.

PBG shows footage of him dancing to Peanuts music.

PBG edits a video while he waits, and misses the man harassing the lady! PBG rambles while he gets the bag back. Just like last time, he remembers that the guard only pays attention to stop him from getting out of the city, and not the thief!

PBG can only hold 200 rupees right now, and goes to complete the spider house and can now hold 500 rupees. PBG sings as he gets the rupees. PBG heads to the Curiosity shop guy on the final day to get 500 rupees to buy the mask. PBG conveniently has 507 rupees in storage! He is also charged an additional 4 rupees.

PBG keeps on calling the name of the mask wrong, and calls everyone who complains to him "Maaaaam". He buys the mask, and sings as he collects it. The man wants to buy something from PBG. PBG tries to sell the Bunny Hood mask, but he doesn't want to sell it.

PBG wears the All-Night Mask. PBG can now listen to a story all through the night! PBG gets a heart piece for not paying attention.

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