PBG gets to do his favorite sidequest in Majora's Mask - shooting aliens!

Majora's Mask - Romani's Mask (Part 1)
Upload Date October 29th 2011
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG shows the Bunny Hood and runs around really fast. He shoots down Tingle. He tries to buy a map from Tingle, but he already has it. He arrives at Romani's Ranch.

He talks to Romani. She calls him Grasshopper, no matter what his name is. Aliens are coming and they take the cows. This is one of PBG's favorite side quests. PBG rides on Epona, shooting at targets. PBG thinks he is doing good, and then jinxes himself by missing one. PBG wanted to impress everyone, but isn't doing a good job of it. He gets them all in 1 minute 7 seconds. PBG feels that this was a terrible attempt.

He has to wait until 2am for Romani. PBG has a surprise for her. He shoots her with an arrow! Romani points out that he may need a map, and PBG points out that he has one. PBG walks outside, and decides to play the Reverse Song of Time to be safe. He plays the regular Song of Time instead.

The aliens will now go slower. He begins shooting at the aliens. PBG speeds up the footage. Time is reverted to normal, as PBG realizes how easy this is. PBG receives the Milk Bottle. PBG struggles to read the text. PBG doesn't remember what time Romani's sister goes into the barn, so he saves it for next time.

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